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Our Story

For almost five years I have owned and operated my Allstate office. I chose Allstate for the diversity in what I could offer my clients. When compared to other Rochester insurance agencies, I know Allstate has the edge I need to give my community the best.


My life experiences have given me the drive to fill the needs of the families of Greece and the surrounding area. With degrees from Buffalo State College and St. John Fisher College, I began my journey as a kindergarten teacher. The journey life takes you on is rarely a straight course. Now I’ve made the transition to representing Allstate across the Rochester, NY area.


I haven’t lost what I learned in kindergarten. The principles of truth, honesty, and relationship are what carry me through my professional approach to insurance.


Being an insurance broker in Rochester, NY was not a job that was handed to me. I worked from the first day to build up a clientele and understood that much of my business would depend on positive word-of-mouth recommendations and high online ratings.


I have worked hard to maintain a plus 4.5 rating. With hundreds of 5-star customer ratings, I know I have what it takes to keep on growing and increase customer satisfaction.


When I’m not in the office I put my family first. This helps me when it comes to understanding my client’s priorities. I want to treat my clients like they are family. My two children are invested in the community as much as I am. Between hockey, dance, and lacrosse I’m constantly on the go. This isn’t a bad thing, it keeps me energized and helps me understand the needs of my Rochester community.


Meet the Team

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